What is SLCPAC?

Right now, there are no checks on police power. They can arrest, harass, bully, intimidate — and even kill — with impunity. The police chief won’t fire or even discipline bad cops. The mayor won’t hold the police chief accountable. The district attorney refuses to file charges against killer cops. And all the while, people are afraid of being harmed by the police who are supposedly there to protect them.

The Salt Lake Civilian Police Accountability Council would give control of the police back to the people.


The SLCPAC would be an independent, elected council whose sole responsibility is to oversee police in Salt Lake City. The would have real power, unlike the toothless Civilian Review Board. The SLCPAC could:

  •  Investigate cases of misconduct and any use of force;
  • Discipline or even fire police who break the rules;
  • Review and reject bad police policies;
  • Veto a choice for police chief;
  • Take all civilian complaints and investigate them;
  • Make police records and council records transparent and open to the public.

Police have tremendous power over our lives — and our deaths. It’s time we hold them accountable. It’s time we take that power back and fight for community control now!

Read more about the law here.

Watch members from UAPB, Black Lives Matter — Utah, and the DSA talk about SLCPAC at the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

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